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“Vittoria, wine, vineyard, dry stone walls. This is my land. Early in the morning the sun rises on the Iblei Mountains, while the sky turns red in layers and the warm light spreads amongst the rows of “Fossa di Lupo”, my district. I love the grapes of these places, Frappato and Nero d’ Avola. I feel myself in their expression, in being harmonic and unequal. I love the strength of the know-how to bring in the past and the future at the same time”

SP68 is a road but it is also a young wine. Cool and pleasant, with a delicate taste that it brings the flavour of the sun and the freshness of this land.


“A” come Agricoltori  / “A” come Artigiani / “A” come Artisti

“The Triple A manifesto shows the fundamental selection criteria that share the latest survivors who produce wines worthy of being a myth as it has always been in human history.” They produce products obtained through the use of agronomic and oenological techniques that respect the vine, against any attempt at standardization, enhancing the territory and the work of man with a single goal: to give birth to “exciting wines”.



Product Description

Producer: Arianna Occhipinti

Region: Sicilia

Legal appellation: Sicilia IGT

Grape type: 70% Frappato di Vittoria – 30%Nero d’Avola

Vintage: 2015

Colour: Dark ruby ​​red

Aroma: Olfactory profile consisting of notes of red fruits, thyme and dark spices. A wild nose introduces you to a fresh, engaging and enjoyable taste.

Flavour:  Great for balance and punctuality of tannins, it closes with a good fruity memory.

Pairings: Red Meats, Poultry, Wild Game, Seasoned Cheeses

Serving temperature: 16/18 °C

Alcohol content: 12,5%

Bottle content: 750 ml


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