SRC ROSSO _ Azienda Agricola Crasà


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Near the slopes of Etna, more precisely in Castiglione di Sicilia, in the Crasà district, Rori and Cinzia have decided to realize their oenological dream by setting up the SRC company. A particular name, composed of the initials of their names and that of their daughter Sandra, who, if read in full, hides another rich word of meaning: “be there.” The estate stretches over a size of about 5 hectares, on the slopes to the north of the Etna, and traditionally, in addition to the vineyards of Mascalaca, grenache, catarract, fox tail, insolia and minnella, are also grown olive groves and plants from fruit. Work in the vineyard and in the cellar is reduced to the minimum necessary – no clearings or filtrations are added and no sulphites are added – respecting the nature and putting it directly into play to preserve it at its most. This production philosophy has led Rori and Sandra to adhere to the Triple A movement.

“A” come Agricoltori  / “A” come Artigiani / “A” come Artisti
“The Triple A manifesto shows the fundamental selection criteria that share the latest survivors who produce wines worthy of being a myth as it has always been in human history.” They produce products obtained through the use of agronomic and oenological techniques that respect the vine, against any attempt at standardization, enhancing the territory and the work of man with a single goal: to give birth to “exciting wines”.


Product Description

Producer: Azienda Agricola Crasà

Region: Sicilia

Grape: nerello mascalese 90%, uve a bacca rossa 10%

Appellation: Etna Doc

Tasting notes: ruby red color. The olfactory spectrum is expressed with floral and fruity aromas, to which are added slight mineral notes. The tasting is rich and round, with a long finish and a great balance.

Pairings: appetizers, soups, meat dishes, cheeses


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