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Manual harvest for grapes selection, destemmed and soft pressing with subsequent decantation. Then follows the fermentation at controlled temperature. At the end of the fermentation the base wine obtained is placed in the autoclave, in adding selected yeasts, sugar and substances containing nitrogen for the nourishment of yeast. As a second fermentation and the carbon dioxide which forms, as we cannot exit outside, is linked closely to the wine. The fermentation takes place very slowly at a temperature of 15/16 °C. During the duration, the wine is subjected to constant remounting to optimize the course has. Completion of fermentation the sparkling wine is left to mature with lees for 3 months and then, after the temperature hit a-2°C will also eliminate the lees with appropriate filtration isobaric (the filtration isobaric avoids contact with oxygen and excludes losses of pressure). The stay in autoclave continues still for 10 days until the tartaric stability. Once made the final corrections (liquer d’expedition) the sparkling wine is bottled.


Product Description

Denomination and vintage: Vino Spumante brut

Type of wine: 100% Ribolla Gialla

Production area: Cormons

Soil: Eocene marl

Harvest time:  September

Sparkling wine: Straw yellow, with a fine perlage and persistent. Bouquet delicate, with light, fruity notes and yeast. Flavour is dry with a good aromatic persistence

Serving temperature: 8-10° C.

Alcohol content: 12% vol.



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