Ribolla Gialla _ Ronco Severo


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Only the perfectly healthy and ripe grapes are hand picked late in harvest. Fermentation on the skins in 10-hl truncated cone shaped oak vats, this allows for a better thermal exchange and avoids elevated fermentation temperatures. After that, the cap of grape skins is frequently punched down without any temperature control or addition of selected yeasts or enzymes. After soft pressing the wine remains on the lees for 11 months in 30-hl Slavonian oak barrels. The wine then ages in the same barrels for another 12 months. It is bottled without filtration or clarification on a waning moon in September. The colour is deep yellow with golden highlights. The bouquet is intense with beautiful floral scents coupled with notes of dried and citrus fruits. The slight mineral edge becomes more pronounced as the wine ages. This wine has a nice level of acidity typical of the Ribolla Gialla, slightly tannic and sapid. Spicy aftertaste. This wine evolves in the glass


Product Description

Region: Friuli

Legal Appellation: Delle Venezie

Grape type: Ribolla Gialla 100%

Serve cool at 14° – 16° C


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