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In the language of potters, “Primo Fuoco” is the initial clay firing that leads to the creation of terracotta (with a second and a third firing you get different types of ceramic and majolica). This wine is fermented naturally and matured in a large terracotta amphora, hand made from local red clay (“terra rossa”).

The Fattoria di Sammontana with the adjacent Romanesque church of the 12th century , originally a property of the Medici family, Grand Dukes of Tuscany , was donated by them to the religious canons of the church of San Lorenzo in Florence. The monks used this property as a place of rest and retirement, but they also built a large underground cellar and nearby constructed a grand furnace with overlapping arches for the production of pottery and terracotta. 


Product Description

Producer: Fattoria Sammontana

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot.

Extension of the vineyard: 0.5 ha. Organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Vine training system: Guyot.

Average density per hectare: 3500.

Average age of vines: 30 – 50 years.

Average production per hectare: 15 hl.

Harvest: 100% manual.

Vinification: After a first spontaneous fermentation on its own yeasts, this wine is left in a large terracotta amphora (500 hl) for 8 months. The wine is unfiltered.

Average annual production: 1300 bottles.


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