Pinot Grigio _ Ronco Severo


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Only the perfectly healthy and ripe grapes are hand picked late in harvest. The grapes are left to ferment on the skins for about a month in truncated cone shaped oak vats, without any temperature control, and without adding selected yeasts or enzymes. After soft pressing the wine remains on the lees for 23 months in 20-hl Slavonian oak barrels. The wine is then bottled without filtration on a waning moon between August and September. Fermentation on the skins results in the deep coppery yellow colour typical of the varietal. The intense, pronounced bouquet is of acacia blossoms. Fruity when young, it develops back notes of dry hay, fresh walnuts and toasted almonds as it ages to reach notes reminiscent of cognac and armagnac. Dry and gentle, pleasantly sharp with a lingering palate of Artemisia


Product Description

Region: Friuli

Legal Appellation: IGT Venezia Giulia

Grape type: Pinot grigio 100%

Bottle content: 750 ml


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