Jakot _ Dario Princic


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The wines of Dario Princic are very territorial and of great personality. These are white wines from the unmistakable intense or orange golden color and the very rich and intense aromatic spectrum, always crisp and flawless, with no smudges. Wines are produced according to ancient traditions, able to awaken unique primordial feelings, hidden in the soul of each and to evolve positively in the bottle for many years.


“It is our mission of our group:

  • to bring together people who work in accordance with these guidelines;
  • to encourage discussion between producers and the exchange of experiences and results;
  • to seek out the best balance between human intervention and nature in the winemaking process;
  • to communicate the Viniveri guidelines and promote the work of wineries that abide by it “

Product Description

Producer: Dario Princic

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Legal appellation: Venezia Giulia IGT

Grape type: Friulano 100%

Colour: Dense and dark amber

Aroma: Of exotic fruits ripe and at times candied citrus, spicy sensations, spices and hibiscus

Flavour: Fine, salty, mineral, consistent, astringent but fresh

Serving temperature: 14/16°C

Alcohol content: 14%

Bottle content: 750 ml


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