Pfaffe _ Brut metodo classico


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“…. Pfaffe is our project, our dream of creating a wine able to represent us, to convey our great passion and the strong bond with the Celva vineyard that grows lonely on a morainic soil with a high slope And dominant of the valley and the core of the company almost as to protect with its petrosa caparbietà the desire to produce a spumante made of thoughts, hands, rain, wind, ripe bunches, wet ground, ancient seasons and Future projects. Up the goblets! “

The Azienda Agricola Baldessari is certified “Azienda Agricola Biologica“.  In its vines, matter and spirit, grapes and passion combine to produce wines that have the scents and flavors of the land they originate from. Human presence is delicate and respectful of the life cycle of the vineyard, with which it creates a relationship of extreme caution and minimal intervention.


Product Description

Producer: Baldessari

Grape type: Chardonnay 100%

Wine type: sparkling wine

Colour: straw yellow color, with fine and persistent perlage and soft foam.

Aroma: Equipped with complex hints of bread crust

Flavour: the tasting is extremely dry.

Bottle content: 750 ml



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