La Querciola _ Massa Vecchia


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The Massa Vecchia farm was founded in 1985 by Fabrizio Niccolaini on the basis of the already existing Querciola vineyard which had been planted by his father Alberto in 1972 with the varieties Sangiovese and Trebbiano. The individual varieties were vinified separately at first in order to understand the characteristics of each of them, with the current blends being developed subsequently.  This is a gradual process, still happening today, which often leads to producing different wines from one year to the next, reflecting the distinctive characteristics of each year.

 The fundamental concept is to manipulate raw material as little as possible.


Product Description

Producer: Massa Vecchia

Region: Toscana

Legal appellation: Toscana IGT

Grape type:  Sangiovese 80% e Alicante 20%,

Vintage: 2012

Alcohol content: 13 %

Bottle content: 750 ml


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