Grappa Toscana _ La Selva


€ 22.00

This grappa has a fine and balanced taste, distilled from our pomace, mainly Sangiovese At the end of the meals, Italian are used to drink a small glass of grappa. This distilled spirit is a must have for food lovers! The aroma of fresh grape pomace, fruit, light yeast, mild, harmonic. On the palate, has a mild character with a warm finish.


Product Description

Producer: La Selva

Origin: Italy

Area of cultivation: Tuscany

Production site: Magliano in Toscana

Vineyard: Cantina La Selva

Quality: 100% bio, Naturland, keine Angabe, Bio-Siegel

Types of grape: A blend of grapes grown at LaSelva, largely Sangiovese

Alcohol: 40 %

Drink temperature: 10°C – 12°C


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